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Smartbox: Play and Learn!


As a “mommy blogger”, I’m keep an eye on the social media Q&As happening daily across a number of channels and a common one is “when should my child be able to do X?”

The pressure of Early Childhood Development is something that gives most moms sleepless nights. Knowing when to teach certain skills or at what stage your child should master an ability can be stressful – especially if you’re a new mom! I mean, we’ve all asked ourselves questions like, “is my child up to standard?”, “am I using the correct teaching methods?”, or “what if I’ve missed something?” After all, this is the foundation that will shape your little one’s future, so you need to get it right!

We, mothers, are just naturally so aware of our children’s milestones and our children reaching their milestones around the recommended ages. I know I was and still am! It’s natural and, quite frankly, it’ our job too!

While every child is different and progresses at their own pace, we can assist them and help guide them to reach their milestones. Doing this has also gotten a whole lot easier thanks to a new product I was introduced to last year called My Smart Kid / My Slim Kind which I’m sharing with you today in this blog post.

If you have child under the age of 6, I highly recommend you find out more about The Smart Box and how it can help you. It’s very affordable, it’s convenient for you (no need to go out and buy – they send it to you) and it comes with stacks of age appropriate information to assist you on your motherhood journey.

More info on Mysmartkid / Myslimkind


Raising a child in this day and age however, has its benefits – benefits like Mysmartkid. This monthly mom-subscription delivery service is a play-based educational programme for children, ranging from birth to 6 years old. Backed by Early Childhood Development (ECD) specialists, the programme uses age-appropriate toys and activities to promote your child’s development. The box also contains advice and tips written by these experts to help you along your way.

What I especially love about the Smartbox is that it isn’t just packed with random educational toys and goodies. Instead, the content is tailored to your little one’s developmental stages to ensure that he or she learns the right skills at the right time.

So what do you get when subscribing to Smartbox? Let’s break it down:

  • A selection of age-appropriate toys that will help your child reach the next level of Early Childhood Development.
  • Expert advice and tips by top childhood development specialists, included with the goodies inside the Smartbox.
  • Two FREE welcome gifts when you join: A cute kiddies’ backpack and a fantastic handbook that tells you everything you need to know about Early Childhood Development.
  • Free delivery (in SA) to your doorstep every 2 months!
  • A regular email newsletter packed with ideas for fun activities and additional advice from our panel of experts.
  • Exclusive Member discounts on toys, books and other educational products available from the Mysmartkid online store.
  • Access to articles, information and support compiled by a team of child development experts.
  • Instant access to exclusive downloads and helpful resources.

The Smartbox costs R295 every 2nd month (including VAT and delivery in SA), and remember – unlike other subscriptions services, it’s delivered every 2nd month. Trust me – your little one will love the educational toys and goodies so much, he’ll be waiting by the door every month, nevermind every second!

Sign up today at www.mysmartkid.com, send an email to [email protected] or call 0861 555 224 – whatever works for you!


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