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Nifty Storage Ideas for the Home

Few things can slow down your day like tripping over a pile of Lego blocks or desperately searching the house from top to bottom for a paper clip. The fact of the matter is, practical storage can really save you oodles of precious time and make your “office” a more practical space in which to operate.

Fun and interesting storage boxes is also an excellent way of teaching kids organisational skills and keeping their rooms tidy at the same time – like catching two omelettes with one pan. From kitchen to bedroom and bathroom – you can never have too much storage, and with a spot of creativity, it hardly has to cost you a penny.

  • Don’t throw away those old jars – paint the lids with blackboard paint and use it to store those odds and ends you simply can’t throw away.
  • Paint an old cheese grater in a colour of your choice and hook your earrings through the holes.
  • Use an old ladder as a magazine stand or extra hanging space for kids’ clothes. Simply knock out every second step to provide more space for the clothes to hang.
  • Stick a magnetic strip to your dressing table or bathroom cabinet to keep your metal hair grips close at hand…
  • …and also slap magnets on the backs of your make-up compacts and mascara to keep it all organised.
  • Use shoe organisers for everything but shoes – socks, crayons, underwear, toys, arts and crafts, you name it!
  • If you’ve been nagging hubby for a set of shelves for ages, take matters into your own hands and nail the base of a crate or basket to the wall – pretty much a make-shift box-shelf.
  • Use a dish drying rack as a book organiser, and stack your counter books in the plate slots and pencils in the cutlery holder.
  • Use the white plastic bread bag ties to label computer cables. Simply write on the tag what the plug is powering and clip the tag around the cable.

Here are a few fun storage ideas I found.

Last, but not least – I just couldn’t leave this one off….putting Barbie in her place 🙂

For more ideas on Creative or Nifty Storage Ideas or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Creative Storage Ideas Pinterest Board!

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