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45 FREE WordPress Themes for Mommy Bloggers

You have decided you want to start a blog – Yippee! You know you want to have your own independent and self-hosted blog (in other words, you want to not have your blog amongst other blogs on WordPress.com or Blogger, but rather on it’s own domain like “iamamom.co.za”), but your designers skills aren’t quite up to scratch!

Well, fret no more, I’ve put together a list of 45 FREE WordPress themes for you to choose from to help save you time searching.

Unfortunately, given I have to do some work today, I didn’t get around to doing the screenshots, but click across and take a look – it won’t take you too long – promise!

I hope this gets you inspired to start a Mommy blog or a blog for your business. Please Tweet and Share this with other friends and Moms. Blogs including (Mommy blogging) is growing daily and the more we share, the more blogs get out out there and the more we get to read and explore!

Deep breaths….here we go!!

  1. Strange Little Town (Perfect for Moms that love stars and LOTS of pink!)
  2. Balita (MOMMYFIED & suitable for an E-commerce / shop blog)
  3. Blogger Mom Theme (Built for Moms!)
  4. Swatch
  5. Mainstream
  6. Bueno
  7. Rockstar
  8. Meta-morphosis
  9. Irresistable
  10. Blog Theme
  11. Typebased
  12. Snapshot
  13. Premium News
  14. Assas WordPress Theme
  15. Silesia
  16. Modern
  17. Organic
  18. Business Lite
  19. Zenon Lite
  20. Platform
  21. WP-Creativix (pretty)
  22. Smartbiz
  23. Live Wire
  24. Shell Lite
  25. Portfolio Press (great for using if you want to use lots of photos or are a photographer)
  26. Lugada
  27. Themia Lite (I quite like this one – it’s pretty and well laid out!)
  28. Ultima Free Theme
  29. Hatch (another great one for photos / photographers)
  30. Senyorita Dark
  31. Grid Style Theme (I really like this one for fashion or decor or trends. I’m a sucker for pictures and letting the pictures bring the design out. Not necessarily for everyone, but I really like this one for certain purposes).
  32. Colorway
  33. WordPress Magazine Theme (useful for magazine type site)
  34. Gridline (another one I really this is great)
  35. Lounge 2
  36. Roentgeniumify
  37. Diary Theme (great for a daily capture of life, thoughts, etc)
  38. Dubniumize
  39. Nobeliumful
  40. Americiumic
  41. Elegant Business Portfolio Theme (this one is well laid out and could work really nicely)
  42. Notepad Chaos
  43. Desktop Chaos
  44. Delicacy (Perfect for something relating food: recipes, reviews, etc)
  45. Beauty and Clean

My word, this took me a long time! I need about a SERIOUS cup of coffee now 🙂



  1. Thanks for this! I’m sure it took a gigantic effort to get done!
    I have a question.
    How do I get my own domain for a blog currently on WordPress?

    • It’s really easy to get your own domain on WordPress.com but you’ll have to pay an extra fee for it.
      If you go to the ‘Store’ menu you can choose the Add a Domain option and it costs $18.

  2. love some of these though I don’t think they work when you do the free hosting option on wordpress :/

  3. Thank you for spending all that time, this was very helpful and I am on a free hosting blog at wordpress. 🙂

  4. Thanks so uco for this! I’m Trying to start a blog to chronicle the craziness that is my daily life and this really helps me sort out the theme I want 🙂

  5. You should also check out WP Family Blog Theme, it’s a WordPress theme for families and mom’s to share their family’s life online with style. Each family member can have a mini profile and be tagged in each blog post.

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