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Mister Teacher { Gift Ideas }


It’s getting closer to that time of year when the kiddos want to impress their teachers with the best possible gift. Most moms find male teachers to be the greatest obstacle – what on earth do you buy them? Luckily there are so many awesome options available in the shops and online these days – all you need to do is think outside the box!

  • Cooler bags are always handy, especially if they can fit a 6-pack. While beer might not be an appropriate gift, you can always fill the bag with cans of cool-drink.
  • If he looks like the type who’ll enjoy a cold one, buy a cool beer mug and fill it with sweeties that the kids chose themselves.
  • Assemble a braai-masters’ kit with blitz, matches, tomato sauce, braai spice, and so forth.
  • Make it a kids’ DIY project! For instance, why not ask them to make an “awesome teacher award” out of wood, glitter and other bits and bobs?
  • Create the ultimate movie-box, complete with an action-packed DVD, microwave popcorn, Smarties, and more.
  • If winter is around the corner in your side of the world, put together a DIY hot chocolate kit, complete with mug and chocolate-on-a-stick.
  • Everybody loves cookies! Make some homemade delights, and fill up a cool jar or box.
  • Spoil him with a handy ice bucket, filled with a variety of treats – or even a bottle of wine, with a personalised label created by the kiddos.

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