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Take ONE MINUTE and Make a Difference for the Future of OUR Children with Earth Day #SendASeed

Our children ARE the future and they deserve to grow up happy and healthy and on a planet that has been looked after and nurtured! And, they have to live in a world we are NOW responsible for. So, today, I would like to invite (and urge) you to join me in supporting the Unilever campaign for a BRIGHTER FUTURE – a campaign committed to planting one million trees in South Africa. The 22nd April 2016 is the 45th Earth Day, so please take ONE MINUTE to support this cause – it literally will take you maximum one minute to support it.

If the past year of crippling drought in South Africa has shown us anything, it’s that the threat of climate change is real and devastating. The time to take climate action is NOW! And YOU CAN!

How To Support this Earth Day Campaign

  • You can do it from ANYWHERE – you just need an internet connection and a mobile phone / PC.
  • Money isn’t required.
  • Your time is barely required.

All that is required from YOU is sharing a post on social channels using the hashtag #SendASeed and tag a friend in your comment so you, too, can create awareness and get others sharing. For every seed sent, Unilever together with Wildlands, will plant a tree on their behalf.

So far, 252 477 trees have been planted toward this goal – work with me and others out there to reach that million mark or even better, exceed the million mark!

Make a difference BECAUSE YOU CAN! Every single social share counts!


About Unilever

About Unilever brightFuture
The “brightFuture” campaign is intended to engage people, especially future leaders.

Our manifesto:

  • We believe in a BRIGHTER FUTURE where every child in South Africa can grow up healthy and happy.
  • Where healthy hearts and stimulated, confident minds flourish.
  • Where no child goes to bed hungry and every parent has the opportunity to provide a warm meal.
  • Where preventable diseases are prevented and every child lives past their 5th birthday.
  • We believe we can live well without stealing resources from future generations.
  • We don’t have all the answers, but we’ve started a journey and we invite you to join us.
  • For the past four years, Unilever has been committed to growing its sustainable business practice. It has put some definition and measurement behind ‘sustainable living brands’ – meaning brands that contribute to one or more of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan goals and have a sustainable living purpose and has seen positive results in each of those markets.

Unilever brightFuture. See the Possibilities. Get Involved. #brightFutureSA
Small actions can make a big impact.
Watch and share this amazing video: Farewell to the Forest

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