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Fun with Polaroids

With the rise of Instagram, I’ve noticed a significant spike in the popularity of polaroids! Nowadays most printing shops offer polaroid printing services, turning your square pictures into beautiful keepsakes. But once you’ve printed your polaroid pretties, what’s the next step?

Here are a few ideas for showcasing your favourite memories:

  • If you have a transparent phone cover, slide a small polaroid underneath it to carry with you wherever you go.
  • Create a personalised laminated placemat for each child, with a collage of all of their favourite pictures.
  • Decorate the passage walls with polaroids-on-strings – it’s as easy as attaching a small cable to the wall and clipping your photos onto it.
  • Create a minimalist photo album, with one polaroid on each page and a small description underneath. The idea is to choose only one picture to represent each memory, and let your mind fill in the blanks.
  • Have your polaroids clamped between two square sheets of glass and use it as coasters on the coffee table.
  • Place a sheet of glass on your coffee table, and arrange your polaroids underneath it – an instant focal piece and talking point!
  • Stick your polaroids on the wall in the shape of a heart, or spell out the word LOVE with your prints.
  • Create a polaroid hanging lamp, by attaching long strings of polaroids to an old lampshade.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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