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Centrum Guardians finalists 2015: Show Your Support


There are no words that can express how grateful I am for people like the Centrum Guardians finalists 2015! Can you imagine we didn’t have people like this – people who risk their lives to save others! Not only are these individuals highly skilled in their professions, they are also willing to constantly put their lives in danger to save the lives of strangers.

I have watched and re-watched all the videos on the Centrum Guardians website and I experience a wave of emotions every time I do. To this day I have no idea how I would react in a situation that demanded so much mentally and physically every single day. In my last post I spoke in particular about one finalist, Cynthia Maqungu, you can read about her here http://www.momtrepreneur.co.za/cynthia-maqungu-mom-and-reservist-fire-fighter/. This time I will be highlighting the capabilities of all of 2015 Centrum Guardians finalists.

No matter the specialization, emergency and rescue personnel often do not have a lot of time to act. Once you factor in a life in danger, the reality of every second counting becomes more glaringly apparent. In the case of then 21 year old Robin Fortuin, a routine patrol turned into a rescue mission in a matter of seconds. Fortuin, a NSRI Strandfontein volunteer and rescue swimmer put his life in danger a total of 7 times in a row to save 6 strangers. A strong rip current and unforgiving weather conditions could not dampen or deter his will to save a life. This young man has demonstrated what it means to live up to your calling and what it looks like to go above and beyond the call of duty.

You can watch the sensitive retelling here on video below:

Robin Fortuin deserves the recognition he is receiving and if you agree, you can vote him your Centrum Guardian here http://www.centrumguardian.com/stories/rip-current-rescue.

Time was not on the side of our second Centrum Guardians finalist either. Michael Callow, an Advanced Life Support Paramedic heard the tell-tale sounds of gunshots on his way to Wadeville Fire Station. His quick thinking enabled him to expertly block off the road to prevent further casualties. Here he was able to reach, administer aid and actually save the lives of his fellow emergency and rescue fraternity. A combination of instinct, impeccable training and a spirit of service, Callow was able to save the lives of his colleagues. If you are as impressed as I am at the sheer magnitude of Callow’s actions, you can vote for him as your Centrum Guardian here http://www.centrumguardian.com/stories/bulletproof/

The luxury of time was not afforded to either of the last two finalists for the Centrum Guardians honour. Cynthia Maqungu is an example of the benefits of having trained personnel in rural and densely populated urban areas and whenever I think about it, I am still blown away at how quickly and calmly she was able to diffuse the fire while getting assistance from the community. The remaining finalists are the 100 crew rescue team who did the seemingly impossible. In 24 hours, a team of fire fighters, K9 units, paramedics, urban search and rescue personnel, a doctor and two anaesthetists braved unbearable conditions to ensure the lives of others. A structural collapse at Orlando Towers tested the collective will of these individuals and stretched them to their physical and mental limits. During the rescue, the emergency and rescue personnel had to also deal with extenuating factors including thieves stealing building materials on the site. These individuals collectively did an outstanding job. At the end of the 24 hour rescue, 5 patients were extricated while a total of 8 bodies were retrieved.

The courage, skill and bravery displayed by all the Centrum Guardians 2015 finalists are inspiring and heart-warming. Do your part and vote for your Centrum Guardian here http://www.centrumguardians.co.za

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