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Batman Lego®

When you’re as cool as LEGO® Batman™, you even get your own press release! Who defeats Super-Villains with ease and looks unbelievably smooth in the process? That’s right: Batman, the coolest guy in Gotham City and now a film star ...

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Save Money with Picodi

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Whether it is to spoil yourself, stick within a budget, make sure you get the possible price or you’re simply a sucker for coupons, then http://www.picodi.co.za may be just what you’re looking for. What ...

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Smartbox: Play and Learn!

As a “mommy blogger”, I’m keep an eye on the social media Q&As happening daily across a number of channels and a common one is “when should my child be able to do X?” The pressure of Early Childhood Development ...

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Parenting and Expenses

Having time off during the festive season with the kids is and will always be a rewarding experience. But it is now January all over again, time to recalculate all the expenses we spoilt our kids with. Luckily, King Price ...

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Bliss Brands

Bliss Brands has launched Rigor Thick Bleach, a thick liquid bleach that knocks germs dead and protects for up to 24 hours. What’s more it has a long lasting fragrance that will have your home smelling fresh and clean for ...

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The Cook Box

the cook box logo

Cooking is an art form for some and for some, it’s a complete nightmare. I know so many women (and men, in fact) who love cooking. My husband prefers cooking to me (no complaints there!) and his side of the ...

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Look and Feel Good Expo

look and feel good expo 2013

Woohoo! The Look and Feel Good Exhibition is here once again. The expos are taking place in the following areas: Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban: 11-13 October (taking place alongside the Outdoor Expo) Sandringham Farm, Stellenbosch: 25 – 27 Oct Coca-Cola dome, Johannesburg: ...

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