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BrickLand is an idea that was born from an exhaustive search in South Africa to find innovative quality toy building bricks fully compatible with Lego® at an attractive selling price. We found plenty of compatible sets at tempting prices, but ...

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Top Reasons Moms Should Consider Fitchef

I was lying awake the other night thinking about my Fitchef series and why Moms should consider using the food from Fitchef. I have benefited quite a bit from having the Fitchef ready-made foods and while some might call me ...

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Weigh LESS the Easy Way with Fitchef

I had absolutely no idea what the Paleo diet was about until about 4 weeks ago. I read an article on it about a month ago and it definitely grabbed my attention with all the benefits it boasted – not ...

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NOMAD Jewels

Based in Cape Town, the fashion jewellery and accessories label, NOMAD Jewels, produces a range of hand made jewels using the very best materials and featuring Austrian SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Founded by Heidi Liebenberg, an award winning goldsmith with over 20 ...

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10 Bright Ideas with Glow Sticks

glow sticks fun ideas

Glow Sticks are cute, fun and rather on the addictive side – especially for those young at heart! Other than twirling-whirly-ing them around in the dark, they can be put good (and extra fun) use around the house. Light up ...

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DIY Bleach Patterned Jeans

DIY tutorial by Xenia Kuhn, a Berlin-based fashion designer. Many Etsy sellers are Moms just like you. Open a shop on Etsy.com — the online marketplace for handmade and vintage products — and sell what you make or collect to millions ...

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DIY: Bear Hood Cape

Diy Bear Hood Cape

DIY tutorial by Xenia Kuhn, a Berlin-based fashion designer. About Xenia Kuhn “My family and I emigrated to Germany from the former Soviet Union in 1995. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design from a Berlin Fashion School, I went to ...

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