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Weigh LESS the Easy Way with Fitchef

I had absolutely no idea what the Paleo diet was about until about 4 weeks ago. I read an article on it about a month ago and it definitely grabbed my attention with all the benefits it boasted – not ...

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NOMAD Jewels

Based in Cape Town, the fashion jewellery and accessories label, NOMAD Jewels, produces a range of hand made jewels using the very best materials and featuring Austrian SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Founded by Heidi Liebenberg, an award winning goldsmith with over 20 ...

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10 Bright Ideas with Glow Sticks

glow sticks fun ideas

Glow Sticks are cute, fun and rather on the addictive side – especially for those young at heart! Other than twirling-whirly-ing them around in the dark, they can be put good (and extra fun) use around the house. Light up ...

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DIY Bleach Patterned Jeans

DIY tutorial by Xenia Kuhn, a Berlin-based fashion designer. Many Etsy sellers are Moms just like you. Open a shop on Etsy.com — the online marketplace for handmade and vintage products — and sell what you make or collect to millions ...

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DIY: Bear Hood Cape

Diy Bear Hood Cape

DIY tutorial by Xenia Kuhn, a Berlin-based fashion designer. About Xenia Kuhn “My family and I emigrated to Germany from the former Soviet Union in 1995. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design from a Berlin Fashion School, I went to ...

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The Cook Box

the cook box logo

Cooking is an art form for some and for some, it’s a complete nightmare. I know so many women (and men, in fact) who love cooking. My husband prefers cooking to me (no complaints there!) and his side of the ...

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Look and Feel Good Expo

look and feel good expo 2013

Woohoo! The Look and Feel Good Exhibition is here once again. The expos are taking place in the following areas: Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban: 11-13 October (taking place alongside the Outdoor Expo) Sandringham Farm, Stellenbosch: 25 – 27 Oct Coca-Cola dome, Johannesburg: ...

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Woolworths Relaunches WRewards

If you ever needed a reason to shop or in this particular situation, at Woolworths, you now have a great excuse! Woolworths started a relaunch of their WRewards card on the 26th of August. What’s the big deal about the ...

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