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Put the Spring Back in your Home

Everyone loves a fresh, clean and spotless home! Not only does spring cleaning have benefits for your home, it can help improve your health too by reducing stress, protecting your family from germs and help avoid / prevent allergies and ...

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A Mom’s Top Places to Escape

I work from home and there’s almost NEVER silence even when the kids are at school. Noises could be the doorbell, the dogs barking, the cleaning lady vrooming away with the vacuum cleaner, the phones, the radio / TV, the ...

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The Lone Mamma

Motherhood isn’t for sissies – I’m sure you’re fully aware of that very well known fact. Throw in the fact that you live alone with 1 or more kids and well, things aren’t much easier and it’s especially challenging when ...

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Gross Motor Skills

A while ago we talked about ways to develop a child’s fine motor skills, and today we’re moving onto the larger body muscles. Gross motor skills are all about using physical exercise to help a child gain control of body ...

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Cookina { 100% Non-Stick Fat-Free Cooking }

When it comes to baking and cooking, I’m always on the lookout for simple solutions that present an added health benefit – and Cookina certainly ticks all the right boxes! Specialising in non-stick cooking sheets, the Cookina range presents a ...

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Back to School { Get Organised! }

In some respects, back-to-school time is a happy time of year – the kids’ productivity gets a much needed boost and world order is restored. However it can also be quite a chaotic season for the working mom, getting the ...

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Mixing Business with Kids

mixing business and kids

Author: I am Naomi, a hard working mom of two beautiful children and the owner of two stores on Etsy and a handmade blog. Babamoon.etsy.com is my biggest focus at the moment. My kids totally inspired me to bring out ...

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