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Duplo Discovery { Fun Activities }

Learning through play is an integral part of any child’s development, and what better way to literally build their skills than with Duplo blocks? Start introducing games from an early age to not only entertain them, but boost your little ...

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Light it Up! { Fun DIY Light }


Winter seems to be fast approaching these days and with the arrival of winter, it gets dark a whole lot earlier. And, with darkness and kiddies still awake, it makes for a fantastic opportunity to shed some light in a ...

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Pin it! { Pretty Pincushions }


A pincushion is a handy commodity in any household where little feet run bare and loose pins can cause tears. Pincushions are easy to construct out of nothingness and also make for cute little DIY gifts! Here are some of ...

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7 Must-Have Outdoor Toys


The other day, I discussed the Mysmartkid/Myslimkind early childhood education programme and the Smartbox concept and how it can assist / support your child in meeting their milestones. I often say knowledge is power, so I thought it would be ...

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Brighten Up that Backpack!


It’s back to school time again – and today we’re looking at the humble backpack. Now as mom to a teen, you probably know the significance this seemingly simple school accessory holds in the “inner circles”. But this year, instead ...

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Happy Handprints { DIY Inspiration }


From that very first moment after birth, no parent can resist those tiny little hands – there’s something just so special and mesmerising about kiddies’ hands! Hand art is an excellent way to eternalise your little ones’ little paws and, ...

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Milk Bottles/Cartons Fun


If ever you need to get the kiddies to drink more milk, these craft ideas should serve as good motivation: Poke holes in the cap of the milk bottle and use it as a nifty alternative to a watering can. ...

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