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Milk Bottles/Cartons Fun


If ever you need to get the kiddies to drink more milk, these craft ideas should serve as good motivation: Poke holes in the cap of the milk bottle and use it as a nifty alternative to a watering can. ...

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Ideas by the Dozen { Egg Cartons }

egg carton ideas

As always here on Momtrepreneur, we’re turning “recycling” into “recreating”. So before you toss that egg carton in the bin, egg shells and all, have a look at these nifty mom- and child-friendly craft ideas: Garden: Plant little bean stalks, ...

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10 Benefits of Coconut

coconut benefits

Coconut water, coconut flesh, dried coconut and even coconut oil are all products of the wonderfully exotic fruit known as, well, coconut. If you’ve ever found yourself standing in the fresh produce aisle, holding one of these hairy fruits in ...

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Non-Toxic Edible Finger Paint


Aside from the unavoidable mess, one of the main reasons behind any mother’s aversion to letting her little ones play with finger paint is the “from-hand-to-mouth” tendency. And with good reason, especially when you have a peek at the horrifying ...

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