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Duplo Discovery { Fun Activities }

Learning through play is an integral part of any child’s development, and what better way to literally build their skills than with Duplo blocks? Start introducing games from an early age to not only entertain them, but boost your little ...

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Games to Develop Communication Skills


As a parent, you understand the importance of successfully communicating with your little one and, more importantly, encouraging them to communicate well with you and others. If you’ve ever had to tell your toddler to put on their shoes ten ...

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DIY String Stamps


Stamps are simply wonderful for anything from making your own cards and decorating scatter cushions to printing wrapping paper and personalising a piece of clothing with fabric paint. But gosh, they’re expensive! So why not make your own? You will ...

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Best Ways to Teach Kiddies to Cook


Teaching children to cook may have its challenges, but it’s the perfect one-on-one activity for Moms and Dads to spend time with their kids and a fantastic opportunity to teach your children a skill that can last them a lifetime. ...

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Colouring Books for Mom { The Benefits }


Colouring books for adults have become widely available over the last couple of months, and many have branded it as “yet another fad”. However most psychiatrists and mental health experts around the world agree that the act of colouring in ...

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Savvy Sorting


Sorting is a skill that kids need to learn at a very young and tender age. While they often pick it up of own accord and are taught at pre-school, it’s best to start honing this important skill at home. ...

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Happy Handprints { DIY Inspiration }


From that very first moment after birth, no parent can resist those tiny little hands – there’s something just so special and mesmerising about kiddies’ hands! Hand art is an excellent way to eternalise your little ones’ little paws and, ...

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