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DIY Bio Garden { CD Cases }

Kids are curious by nature, and as mothers it’s our responsibility to harness that curiosity and turn it into new teaching opportunities. Learning about nature is a big part of any child’s development, and there’s no better place to start ...

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Attracted to Magnets { Wall DIY }

Remember this, remember that! When the fridge gets a bit crowded, it’s time to turn to magnet walls. I recently spotted an interactive magnet wall at the aquarium, and I instantly fell in love with the idea. And who would’ve ...

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Fun with Polaroids

With the rise of Instagram, I’ve noticed a significant spike in the popularity of polaroids! Nowadays most printing shops offer polaroid printing services, turning your square pictures into beautiful keepsakes. But once you’ve printed your polaroid pretties, what’s the next ...

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Mister Teacher { Gift Ideas }

It’s getting closer to that time of year when the kiddos want to impress their teachers with the best possible gift. Most moms find male teachers to be the greatest obstacle – what on earth do you buy them? Luckily ...

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