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Safe2go: Keeping Little Ones Safe

About Safe2Go I grew up in Pretoria and are Afrikaans speaking. I studied at the university of Pretoria and have completed a BCom Business Management Degree, Honors Financial Management and also  a MBA  in the year 2000, at the age of ...

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Double Trouble

Double Trouble is a Cape Town based, family run company that specialises in prams for twins and singletons.  Following the success of the Double Trouble twin pram, they expanded their product offering to include the Double Trouble single pram.  As ...

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10 Summer Sunscreen Tips

sun screen tips

Summer’s here, which means oodles of beach fun and happy days in the sun. However there’s really nothing that kills the jolly vibe quite like aching and itchy sunburn, so check out these simple tips before just slathering yourself in ...

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LaceLocker® ‘Never Loose Again’

lacelockers banner image

LaceLocker® is the only current lace management system that prevents loose laces and provides the benefits of traditionally tied laces. You use it with whatever laces you have; there is no swapping out laces, cutting laces or metal pieces. No ...

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DIY: Android Phone to Kiddy Cam

My husband, Ryan, recently upgraded from an HTC Desire Z to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and as a result we had a spare phone at our disposal– YAY US! Some people choose to keep their old phones as a spare, ...

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GoBooster Review

I was recently approached by GoBooster to do a review for them. For those of you who are regular followers of Momtrepreneur – you will know how important car safety is for me and so I grabbed at the opportunity ...

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