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Mister Teacher { Gift Ideas }


It’s getting closer to that time of year when the kiddos want to impress their teachers with the best possible gift. Most moms find male teachers to be the greatest obstacle – what on earth do you buy them? Luckily ...

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Teacher’s Pet { Mason Gift Jars }


Mason jars are probably some of the handiest and most useful “must-haves” of the season, and you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find a use for them. One particular use that I’ve really come to love, ...

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The Benefits of Tutoring


My kids are still young and don’t even know what the word “exam” means, but when I think back to my school days and the thought of exams, I get shivers down my spine. Particularly in those last 2 years ...

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Contemporary Parenting


Take a minute and consider these questions: Do you find yourself automatically parenting like you were parented? Do you model what you want your kids to be? Are you tired of conflict? Do your choices reflect that you’re grooming adults ...

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Reward Charts { Happy Clappy Kiddies }


Who doesn’t like being rewarded for good deeds and exceptional behaviour? Rewards charts can be utilised in a number of different ways – from implementing toilet training and enforcing behavioural conditioning, to motivating your young ones to do their chores. ...

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Who should be your child’s GUARDIAN?


My kids are growing older and watching them grow is totally amazing. While they grow old, I unfortunately also grow older and the reality that one day, some day – I will leave this planet and leave them behind can ...

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The 5 Love Languages of Children


Last year in January, I did a book review on The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s a great book and I really do recommend it to anyone to read if they want to strengthen their relationships and potentially ...

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Granny’s the Nanny


Next to an au pair or a nanny is the Granny Nanny – asking your Mom or Mother-in-law to look after your kids while you are at work. I know a few ladies who have opted for this route and ...

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