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Sweets and Treats

Summer Berry Swirl Cheesecake


I LURRRRVE CHEESECAKE – I have admit it’s one of my weaknesses. Don’t believe me? Ask my MOM! This particular cheese cake isn’t the traditional baked cheesecake or fridge cake we generally find when popping into a coffee shop. This Summer Berry Swirl Cheesecake was ...

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Beat the Heat { Frozen Snacks }


No one’s debating the delightfulness of an ice cream cone, but it’s time to open your mind to new ways of enjoying frozen snacks. With summer in full swing, I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting and research on different ...

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Chocolate Brownies


Not much needs to be said about these chocolate brownies and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a gorgeous and soft chocolate brownie served with cream / ice cream on a hot day! This recipe makes 12 – 16 of these yummy chocolate brownies. ...

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Heart Krispie Treats { DIY Fun }


These heart-shaped-chocolate-dipped-munch-and-crunch rice krispie treats are not only yummy, but perfect for DIY which is easy to make and fun for all involved in the making and tasting! They make for great party treats for baby showers or little girl parties! You ...

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9 Ways with Nutella

Another title for this post could’ve been “nothing like Nutella” because really: There are few things in this world that even come close to the indulgent bliss that is Nutella. I wouldn’t dream of knocking the good old Nutella on ...

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Play with Pancakes


Winter is here, which means pancake season is in full swing! Keep it interesting with these fun and quirky kid-friendly twists on the traditional pancake-with-cinnamon that you used to eat as a child: Add a dash of food colouring to ...

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Dark, Decadent Italian Hot Chocolate

With winter practically ramming its head through the door at the moment, there’s one thing you can’t be without: A rich and trusty home made hot chocolate recipe that’s just so moreish, your family cannot get enough. Italian hot chocolate ...

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Cookie Monster Cupcakes


The Cookie Monster is almost as popular as the scrumptious cookies he so loves to consume. Whether you’re planning a full blown Sesame Street birthday party or just want to surprise the kiddos with cupcakes-with-a-furry-twist, these cute cuppies are quick ...

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