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Best Ways to Teach Kiddies to Cook

Teaching children to cook may have its challenges, but it’s the perfect one-on-one activity for Moms and Dads to spend time with their kids and a fantastic opportunity to teach your children a skill that can last them a lifetime. ...

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Lunchbox Full of Rainbows

When pink is no longer enough, most little girls tend to move on to their rainbow phase. Rainbow cakes have taken the world by storm, but why not add a little rainbow sparkle to every day with any of these ...

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The Simple Sausage

Sausages are possibly one of the easiest, quickest, most fun and affordable meal options to serve your kids! They are quick to prepare, a good source of protein and given they are perfect as finger foods, they are super easy ...

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Cookie Monster Cupcakes

The Cookie Monster is almost as popular as the scrumptious cookies he so loves to consume. Whether you’re planning a full blown Sesame Street birthday party or just want to surprise the kiddos with cupcakes-with-a-furry-twist, these cute cuppies are quick ...

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Marie Magic!

There’s no denying that Marie biscuits are a timeless South African favourite, but sometimes “classic” can translate into “boring”. Then again – as I so often preach here on Momtrepreneur – it takes nothing more than a dollop of creativity ...

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A beady eyed Mosquitoast made up of cinnamon and delicious sliced bread, toasted of course. Ingredients Sliced bread Raisins Cinnamon Stick Wire Method Slice and toast bread. Cut three pieces of wire approximately 4 inches in length. Create legs by ...

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