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Branding Basics Therapy

Momtrepreneur and Etsy are teaming up to inspire mothers to start their own business and open their own Etsy shops in 2014. For readers interested in opening their own shop, Etsy is offering a special discount allowing you to: Open ...

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Mixing Business with Kids

mixing business and kids

Author: I am Naomi, a hard working mom of two beautiful children and the owner of two stores on Etsy and a handmade blog. Babamoon.etsy.com is my biggest focus at the moment. My kids totally inspired me to bring out ...

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kairoslife logo

KairosLife.com is a place for families to save digital memories and heirlooms for kids and loved ones. Then digitally deliver those keepsakes to them at a predetermined date in the future, kind of like a digital time capsule or gift. Our ...

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The Mommy Community

I started Momtrepreneur in January 2011. I had great aspirations on what I wanted to achieve and the role I wanted to fulfill (if any) in the community of Moms. Having become a part of the Mommy community has been ...

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular over the years. As popularity has grown, so it has advanced enormously with different tiered affiliate models being implemented. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliates refer, basically, to the concept of using the website publisher’s ...

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General Website Terms

So, you’ve now decided to go for a website and don’t really know where to start. You do some searches for web agencies in your browser and you start chatting to various companies. You start getting thrown a whole lot ...

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Website Browsers

There are a lot of browsers available these days. People who do not work with computers regularly may not know what a browser is, which is why this has been included in this post. I have covered the top 4 ...

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Website Programming Terminology

Let’s start at the very beginning. When a website needs to be developed and put together, the person behind it (usually referred to as the webmaster) has to programme a particular design using a certain technology or a combination thereof. ...

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