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2015 Trends for Social Media

What will 2015 hold for social media? Over the past few years, we’ve seen massive changes in social media. Working in social media, or using it successfully for your own business, means adapting well to change, and continuously looking ahead. ...

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20 of the Most Popular Men Related Pins

I ‘ve done the 20 most popular Wedding Pins and I’ve done 20 of the Most Popular MOM Pins, so……drumroll…..today we are doing the 20 of the most popular MEN related pins! During my search for the male pins, I found ...

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20 of the Most Popular MOM Pins

Yesterday, I posted on my South Africa Wedding blog about the 20 most popular Wedding Pins. It was quite fun and interesting to do, so we went and looked up the most popular Mom related pins are. We have chosen ...

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Ins and Outs of Online Surveys

Whether you have an existing business or you are thinking about starting a business, knowing your target market is SUPER important for your company to survive. You don’t want to offer a service or product that people don’t want or ...

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The Mommy Community

I started Momtrepreneur in January 2011. I had great aspirations on what I wanted to achieve and the role I wanted to fulfill (if any) in the community of Moms. Having become a part of the Mommy community has been ...

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Pin it with Pinterest

There are so many new social media websites out now-a-days; it is hard to keep up. I, myself, make use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and never saw the purpose of even looking at Pinterest until I was forced  (you ...

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