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Julie Hide from Parenting Hub

Tell us a bit about YOU and your family My name is Julie and I am a married I am a mother to 5 children and a stepmother to 2 children. My household as you can imagine takes up a ...

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Safe2go: Keeping Little Ones Safe

About Safe2Go I grew up in Pretoria and are Afrikaans speaking. I studied at the university of Pretoria and have completed a BCom Business Management Degree, Honors Financial Management and also  a MBA  in the year 2000, at the age of ...

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Alison from Mom Diary

Tell us a bit about YOU and your family? I am mom to 4 boys aged 11 – 24. I have always worked while raising them, but have also been able to be very involved with their school activities. I ...

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Contemporary Parenting

Take a minute and consider these questions: Do you find yourself automatically parenting like you were parented? Do you model what you want your kids to be? Are you tired of conflict? Do your choices reflect that you’re grooming adults ...

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