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Top 20 Male Bloggers in South Africa

The Top 20 Female Bloggers in South Africa blog post was so well received, so I couldn’t resist putting one for the men together. It was quite fun doing it and with my friend and co-worker, Suz, we hunted them ...

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Top 20 Female Bloggers in South Africa

Given blogging is such a big deal at the moment, I couldn’t resist putting together this blog post on the Top 20 Female Bloggers in South Africa (other than myself of course :P). These women are very well known in ...

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11 FREE WordPress Plugins I Recommend

So, you’ve decided to create a blog using WordPress. You have gotten it set-up and it looks rather snazzy if you do say yourself! You want to get it “out there” on the search engines and get people talking about it. You ...

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Daddy Bloggers – Where are YOU?

Yesterday, I decided to invite all South African Mommy Bloggers to join a mailing list so that we can all potentially come together and start making a difference. The mailing list has a number of subscribers on it now (very ...

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Mommy Blogging

Blogs have become increasing popular over the last few years. Admittedly, it is great fun to write and read other Mommy blogs! I have a few blogs of my own and keeping them up to date can sometimes be quite ...

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