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Well, to start with….I am a Mom. I am an Entrepreneur. My name is Claire Minnaar, sometimes referred to as Claire-a-belle, Clareeeese, Wissa and Babes (only if you know me really well).

I live just outside of Cape Town, South Africa, with my best friend, husband, lover and business partner, Ryan. The stars of my daily show go by the name of Ethan and Jake. And, we can most definitely not forget the two 4-legged mammals that ensure that our household remains just that little more untidy and interesting, Jack and Rufus – our faithful and boisterous dogs!

My other “baby” includes one of South Africa’s largest online wedding directories, Celebration.co.za, which has been running since December 2004. Other projects that I manage include EventFocus.co.za (a South African event planning directory), WeddingFocus.co.za (a wedding photography directory for South African photographers) and Greenminded.co.za (everything eco-friendly and green!) and TrouInspirasie.co.za (Afrikaans wedding directory) and an online course called G-School.

Why Momtrepreneur?

Just like most working Moms out there, I am faced with the daily challenge of balance. Mother’s guilt is a regular feature in my life and the balancing act of being a Mom and a business owner with multiple responsibilities has its challenges.

We live in a time where, in many people’s cases, both parents need to work. Many of us Moms out there HAVE to work to make sure our kids have clean nappies, good education, food in their mouths, pocket money, etc. In our modern times, women WANT to work and want to achieve certain things for themselves.

With Momtrepreneur, I would like to achieve the following:

  • Create a platform where Momtrepreneurs can communicate, get in touch and market themselves.
  • Assist Moms wanting to be a “Momtrepreneur” to get their concepts out there and online.
  • Share information on making your business work by sharing ideas, concepts and practices that have worked for my businesses and my life.
  • Provide tips and advice on being a Mom, a business owner, a friend, a wife, etc.
  • Improve my “Momtrepreneuring” skills and knowledge by meeting other Moms in and around South Africa who face the same daily challenges that I do with both work and home.

I, in no way, claim to know everything and hope that, by getting this website out there with other working Moms and Momtrepreneurs, I will learn EVEN more than what I know now!

What I do know is that being a Mom sometimes requires a little bit of help and time – not something us Moms like to ask for or are always able to get.

If I can help Moms out there to save time and help them to make some money with any knowledge I have, my goal will have been achieved.

Please subscribe to the Momtrepreneur newsletter and join our Facebook and / or Twitter community to see what I have been up to and to keep informed about other Momtrepreneurs out there.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, thoughts or even just a hello so I know who you are, what you do and what you are looking to do.

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  1. Hi Claire

    I am a single mom, that has a beautiful love of my life daughter called Madison. She is turning 13 in 2014 and for the next couple of years I would like to be there for her in that very difficult and transitional phase in her life.

    I am highly skilled at B2B sales & marketing, CRM and a talented writer, and would like to find maybe 1 or 2 good clients that I can utilise to leverage my time, income and skills.

    I am especially skilled at cold canvassing. I would however also enjoy customer relationship management as this is a relatively neglected area specially in small enterprises.

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